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Interesting Blogs about S.Y.
This is a very beautiful and interesting blog about the vision of Sahaja Yogis on different aspects of society wold-wide and suggestions of solutions.
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perfect site to find interesting blogs from all over the world
Sahaja Yoga in Prison U.S.

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Treatments for Hamsa Chakra

extracts from Mother’s talks:

The Hamsa chakra is a very material thing…
and has to be worked on, on a material level only… and is where you get troubles like sinus, colds and coughs, and all that… and can result from the drying up of the nose… because of the use of central heating. Indians, Maharashtrians especially, take a Kaduk bath… means with very hot water… this is an absolutely wrong idea. Normally cold baths is best… but if not possible, then take tepid water. This will solve one of the problems that you do not expose yourself to too much cold or heat – the temperature is kept the same as the room temperature. People have died… of their lung cancer, because they can’t get out of ‘their’ bad habit of taking bath every morning. I call it bad habit for Indians, not for the English… because they take their bath, and then immediately they are going out to work. So take your bath at 4 o’clock in the morning, stay in the house and get used to the climate, and then go out… or take your bath in the night.

All extreme behavior from left and right creates problems of Hamsa…
like if you eat some fruit… then after that you should not take water. You should take water… after… some carbohydrates… but not anything fried. After taking anything fried … you should not take water – you can take a biscuit… or bread … something like that to dry up your… throat, and then take water.

Now, heat and cold… for example… to take coffee and then take water is absolutely wrong. Water if you take, then gradually heat it up… and take coffee last… and then don’t take water until you have taken some carbohydrates. I mean this is what it is… is the heat and the cold… the combination of the heat and the cold should be understood (.0011)

Now… what you are doing actually… is to neglect certain laws of nature…
like … in London, or anywhere… it’s all heated up inside the rooms, too much it is… it’s very dry… we all know that in England we have to have a humidifier isn’t it. Just leave some water or something, or fill a tub in the bath and keep it open… so there is humidity in the room. To compensate for all that… what one can do is to take some water… with little, little salt in it… little salt is a good idea… but that should not be very hot or very cold, but should be tepid… and take it in the nose… I would say after brushing your teeth. Take it in thrice, and thrice you take it out… by that you’ll clear out your sinuses… you will make it humid.

In India, the custom is to eat very hot food… garam garam kha… so garam… they are really garam people. In England they eat so much of cold foods that I am amazed… the amount of ice western people eat, we can’t understand. Indiscriminately they’ll take ice cream… and after that they’ll take coffee… or after coffee they’ll take ice cream… before eating ice they’ll have hot… that’s the worst of all. We don’t understand… how to discriminate between hot and cold. Food also we should not eat immediately from the oven, sizzling… sizzling food you should not eat. I don’t know why such devilish ideas are coming – let your juices flow out to digest it… and then eat it… otherwise you’ll burn your tongue… your palate… hum everything. So best is to keep a tepid understanding of food also… so water should not be very hot… food should not be very hot

Colds cause most people to catch on Hamsa.
If the problem is from the ‘left’ side, then this may be corrected by keeping the eyes focused on the ground, or by using Ida Nadi Swamini, or Mahakali mantras, or the Surya mantra; If it is the ‘right’ side catching, or if it is the liver, then we can use the name of Chandra, which will cool it down.

Problems can include shooting headaches on one side, or sinus problems, and may result from being overloaded with decision making. Avoid eating anything that is sharp or sour (MME); Also may result from dry conditions in home or workplace, and can be corrected by the use of ghee or oil in the nose – just one drop in each nostril, morning and evening; Butter is also good for sinus problems, and can be administered warm with a dropper, to the inside of the nose for 3 to 4 days, where it lines the inner dry and cracked membranes… butter is softening in its effect.

Now, in ‘collectivity’, the Krishna Principle plus the principle of Guru are mixed. So, when he becomes the Guru, then collectivity starts… when the principles of these two get integrated, then the collectivity starts… and as a result of that you get Discretion. So to improve the discretion part… we take vibrated ghee or butter, which is heated up … and put it in the nose. But before that we gargle… with salt …, which represents the Guru principle.

Best way to balance the nadis at Hamsa, is by breathing exercise:
breath in through one nostril, holds the breath for a while, then let it go out through the other. Now breath in through that nostril, hold for a while then let it go through the first one again. Do this three times only, and very slowly. Inhalers are also very good. The best is the ‘neti’ where you fill with water to below the spout, add 2 to 3 drops of whatever you get for inhaling, and then put (the spout – Ed) into one nostril and allow it to go in, breathing in through the other nostril. This clears (the Hamsa – Ed) and is a very good thing. Do this every night before sleeping for 3 to 4 days, and you will be absolutely cleared out. Imbalance comes from imbalance in our temperament, where one (person – Ed) starts dominating the other.

Putting ghee in the nose is a very simple yet a very important thing, to correct a bad Hamsa.
One of the symptoms of Aids is a bad Hamsa. It is important to put ghee in the nose to correct a bad Hamsa, otherwise, there will remain a susceptibility to Aids.

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Real artists are fighting for Truth

davinci21All creations which were dedicated to God in the old times are very much respected today. May be at that time the artist must have suffered, but they understood very much that if we have to express then we must do it truthfully, not to please people but to please God. All real artists have been fighting for truth.

Shri Mataji,
Ganesha Puja Talk, Cabella 1993

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The power is within


This power is withhin us which can give you all the benefit of being a human being. It is very simple. It is like this microphone here which if not connected to the mains has no meaning. Only thing is that you have to be connected to your mains. Its all your own power your own property, everything is within yourself which you can discover in no time. Sahaja Yoga is a very wide subject but yet it is so simple.

Ramadas the Guru of Shivaji was asked how much time will it take, for the Kundalini to rise. He said: “Tat Kshan” “That Moment”. But the person who wants to take and the person who wants to give should be perfect. The perfection in the person who wants to take is very simple. He should have pure Desiire Thats all. No money is needed. You cannot pay for it. It is a living process of evolutionary jump. It is effortless, Sahaja.

Shri Mataji, Delhi, 19.3.1993

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How to overcome religious fanatism

In Sahaja Yoga we have all kinds of people: Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians. We worship Christ, Mohammed Sahib, Rama, Krishna all of them. There is no question of having any kind of fanatism because in the light we see that all these great people were born on the same tree of life.

Shri Mataji, Press Conference, Delhi, 19.03.1993

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Guru Nanak on caste

guru-nanakGuru Nanak opposed any sort of distinctions in humanity. He professed that noble character rather than noble birth is the real test of human greatness:

“What power has caste? It is the righteousness that is tested. Whosoever tastes poison, Will die, no matter what his caste is.”

Source: Light of Sahaja Yoga 20

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Guru Nanak´s choice

Once when Guru Nanak came to the small town of Saidpur in West Punjab he choose to stay there with Lalo, a low caste carpenter. At the same time the local chief of the town Malik Bhago, who was quite
wealthy and a very proud man was holding a feast to which all holy men were invited. When Malik Bhago found out that Guru Nanak would not attend his feast but instead partook of the simple fare of his host
Lalo, he was quite angry and had the Guru brought to him for questioning.

When asked why he didn’t join in the feast, the Guru sent for the meal served by Malik Bhago and also some of the simple meal served by Lalo. Holding these in separate hands he squeezed them, blood appeared out of the rich food of Malik Bhago, while milk oozed out of Lalos simple fare. Malik Bhago was put to shame and realized that his riches had been amassed by exploiting the poor, while what Lalo
offered was the milk of hard earned honest work.

Source: Light of Sahaja Yoga 20

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Every Day

meditatingTo develop, one must meditate. Important thing is to meditate every day; everyday; everyday.

You may not eat your food one day: you may not sleep one day: you may not go to office one day; you may not do anything that you are doing everyday. But you must meditate everyday. That´s an important point.

Shri Mataji, Bombay Puja, 1988

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Born realised Souls

In the Lecture 1979-1202 Guru Puja, London, Declaration of Advent…Mother had answered the following question…

Yogi: Mother, what do the born-realized have that we don’t, and what do we have that the born-realized don’t?

Shri Mataji:
Born realized are the people who were realized long time back, before they were born in this lifetime. So they clear out much faster than you do, because they have done the clearing before also, so they clear out very fast. They normally do not take to all the perversions and all the temptations that you take to, and they are very different type of people. They are unique and cynical because when they are born they find the rest of them are going the other way and they don’t know how to deal with the others and with the situation.

They become cynical, and they have their own ideas, and maybe these born realized might develop their ego, also, quite a lot. Normally they do not take to temptations – normally – but if they go to it they will see to it that they have it fully, and, while you people have a very great capacity for one thing, because you know your realization; it happened in your own awareness. When you were aware of it, you saw the happening. So you understand the value of it. Supposing you are born in a rich family, then you don’t understand the value of richness.

But supposing you are not born in a rich family and suddenly you get lot of riches, then you can compare what I was and what I am. In the same way in Sahaja Yoga when you are not realized and you get realization, you can compare. And then the value of realization is much greater for a Sahaja Yogi than for a… just a realized soul. …some realized souls also may understand but they are more individualistic, they are not so much collective, as you people are. Secondly, because you have gone through that, in this lifetime and in your own memory all the wrong things you have done… you have much more compassion and understanding for other people, who have got these things.

While these who are realized people do not have much of that patience for others and they have their own way of doing things. If they come to Sahaja Yoga they could be very dynamic and very great, no doubt. But they will not take to Sahaja Yoga easily because they think they are alright. “Why should we accept anything else now?” Because, sort of, they are satisfied people. But they cannot help the humanity unless and until they learn the thing.

Like a man, say, who’s very clever, very intelligent, is a child born, very intelligent. He doesn’t like to go to a school. But he misses all the other things of the school: the discipline of the school, the complete knowledge of the school. He might be alright I mean, he’s quite intelligent, but he lacks all that, which one can get it in a school in a proper way. Apart from that he lacks that companionship, with Me. Because I have given you realization, so you feel Me much more than they can.

Supposing a child is born to a mother and the child has not seen the mother, then that child cannot have that feeling for a mother as you people can have. So this is the greatest thing that you have got. And if the realized, born realized also, try to stick on to Sahaja Yoga they will also develop the same feeling, and then the joy starts pouring in, because you start seeing how your Mother looks after you, at every moment, how She creates play and how She creates magic, because you forget your Mother when She… I have not given you realization you forget Her…You think, ‘Oh, I’m already realized’ sort of thing comes in you.”

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Motherly Power

shri-matajiThe Father has not saved the world,
The Son has not saved the world,
The Mother shall save it;
The Mother is the Holy Spirit.

Dimitrij Merezhkovskii, The Mystery Three (1925)

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