Posted by: leelajesus | November 6, 2007

Sahaja Yoga is a Meta Science


“I call Sahaja Yoga as meta science because the method of science is not employed in Sahaja Yoga, e. g. in the medical science when we want to search something then we take a hypothesis. We think possibly this might be the solution of a particular disease. Now it is so diverse and so specialised that for a person to start research he has to be studying at least 15 years and even then he does not have complete information as to what is happening where in the whole globe. Supposing you say that I have found something now then other might inform you taht they already found it in Australia. So all your effort is wasted.

You are known by discoveries you make, in also the application of it. In any research, first you try on rats, then on monkeys then on pigs & then on human beings. You find it fails. Its a very dengerous, sometimes to seme people some medicines act as poinsons because every person is made differently and has fifferent combinations or problems.

Unless we know what are we made of and what is our inner being, and how these diseases are caused, we will not be able to do some thing accurately. Specially allopathic medicines are very heat creating. So we have to take something to neutralise the heat that is also another blind alley, Sahaja Yoga is a meta science. Here you do not have to research anything. It is already researched and we do not have to go working hard for it for years or to experiment on monkeys, rats etc. Also there is no specialisation.

For exemple now there is doctor for one eye another doctor for another eye and sometimes you have to empty all your purse. In the mean while they might remove all your organs etc. This kind of blindness in medical science attracted me towards medical science.

I thought, I should know their terminology and also their problems. Now one has to realise this world is full of diseases and there are many people in the world who cannot afford to take allopathic treatment. Most of the doctors in West don´t want to take to Sahaja Yoga because they are thinking that they may not get enough money because the patients are cured without medicines.

The medical field has become a big industry.
With that marketing people believe in it and take it. I do not want to market any thing nor do I expect anything form you. I would just like to awaken the nobility of a medical profession where we work not for money but out of compassion. I find people who come to me can be easily cured by any Sahaja Yogi.

There are seven Chakras and there are three channels so 7 x 3 = 21 problems could be there basically but could be combinations. The diagnosis is on your finger tips. In Kuran Mohemad Sahib has written that your hands will speak.

Basically there are 3 types of problems.
The problems from the left or the right or from the centre. If you ask a Sahaja Yogi he will say its left side or it is right side, that´s all what it is, the simple thing is to nourish the left or the right side. If there is Kidney failure doctors take it for dialysis. Everyone knows that you cannot save the patient all his life he has to take dialysis. Unfortunately a Dr. who is very famous in Department of dialysis got kidney failure. He said I dont want to do dialysis because I know it is life long. I can´t afford to do it and people die with dialysis there is no use because there is no money left. So I asked this doctor. Doctor, Doctor, I tell you Sahaja Yoga will cure you 100% but you promise me that you will not use dialysis again and you will use Sahaja Yoga to cure people. He promised and he was cured. But he still is using dialysis. I said why are you using dialysis now? Because he said we have put lot of money in buying these machines and if we do not earn that money what will happen to us. We will become bankrupt. I said in any way you have made people bankrupt. So for a change it is better that you become bankrupt. So this is the mentality.”

Shri Mataji, 7th August 1993 Moscow, Doctor´s Conference (Divine Cool Breeze)


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